Sunday, 12 October 2008

Slacking off Sundays

Y in E Goes Punting!!!!!

Not long after I moved to the UK I saw a program on Cambridge and punting on the river Cams. Needless to say I was hooked and wanted to go punting. I love water and being on a boat so it was definitely up my alley. This got filed on a very long list of things Y in E wants to do while she is in England.

When the Paris trip fell through I knew there was only one other thing I could throw together in a week that I wanted to do as much. So on our anniversary Mr Y in E and I drove up to Cambridge and I was able to tick punting off my list. No I did not actually do the punting but I did enjoy watching our hunky college student do it for us and enjoyed the history lesson of the colleges the ran along the river.

PS for anyone keeping track I did get my sorry back side up in time to walk down to the Saturday WW only to find out that meeting had been canceled for this week so alas you will have to wait until Wednesday to have a weight update.

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Chance said...

Ah, punting. The sport of kings. Well, of princes. Earls' grand-nephews?