Friday, 17 October 2008

Update on DorkFest 08

So there is really no hope for me to come even close on DorkFest but that’s okay if it has taught me anything it is that it okay to fly my dork flag. To take a look at some of the contenders head on over to some real dorks hanging out over there.

Update on WW

So due to my schedule I have missed two weigh ins and I am feeling a little lost and having a hard time going it on my own. I am still at about the same weight but it is hard to tell as I have really stupid scales at home. I think this week’s errand will be to buy better scales so I can actually tell if I am loosing weight. I am back on the band wagon next Wednesday and will post accordingly. I am also going to try and drag my more than ample behind out of bed tomorrow AM and head on out to the meeting I tried to go to last Saturday.

A pumpkin hunting we will go.

So this weekend project involves pumpkins I am hoping to find some at a grocery store around here but I am not so sure as Halloween just isn’t that big here. If I can find some I will post pictures of my project on Yankee Crafts in England.

Christmas cards are also coming along well hoping to get most of them coloured in this weekend and start designing the ones I am donating to the Christmas Bazaar at the C of E my MIL attends. I was just going to copy mine exactly for the bazaar but then I realized we send a lot of cards to the members and I don’t want mine to match the ones they may have purchased.

Weekend meal plans.

I seem to be in a very Asian mood lately and this weekend will be no exception Saturday’s Dinner will be Funky Chicken on sesame noodles and Sunday’s will be Asian BBQed ribs as pork ribs are Mr Y in E’s favourite food. If I truly get all domestic the ingredients for carrot cake pancakes with cinnamon cream cheese are hanging around the house we will just have to see.

On a final note.

I was somewhat ambivalent when London was chosen to host the 2012 London Olympics. Not really my thing actually I have toyed with the idea of planning Spawn in England to coincide so that I would be on maternity leave while the games were going on. Now the building works have really gotten under work and my train journey takes 15 minutes longer due to the fact that there are speed restrictions in the area of Stratford I am not so ambivalent anymore. I am hoping these speed restrictions will not be continuing until 2012 because I really don’t enjoy having to get early trains than I am already getting.

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