Wednesday, 5 November 2008


I can not tell how proud I am to be an American at this moment. I am so excited to see how Obama takes our country forward; he has a big job I know he can do it.

Y in E has big new too (not as big as winning the presidential election). I have changed jobs at the company I work for. It is a lateral move but one that makes a lot of sense for me. I will still be doing corporate reception but instead of being part of the cover team for 15+ sites I will just be cover for two sites to begin with, with the possibility for that to grow to four. I love the two sites which is mainly why I chose to apply for the position even though it was only a lateral move. When I heard they were looking for someone for those specific sites and I realized that once they hired someone I would no longer get to cover at them I knew it was a good move. I start officially on the first of December but will be placed at one on the two sites from the 17th of November.

I will post my weigh in result later tonight after weigh in.

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Michael5000 said...

Congrats on the lateral move. Lateral moves are always good, 'cause it means that you are doin' it for the working conditions.

211 here, before you ask....