Thursday, 2 October 2008

Weigh in Wednesday Part 2

Some reflections on last night blog post that I was just to excited to sit down and post at the time. Plus the new season of Hero’s was about to start and I have priorities. So for anyone not keeping track and that would be everyone but me 19lbs is my 10% weight loss goal. I am 3lbs away from that now, I hesitate to put an exact date on when I want this accomplished by because I can follow the plan to the T and exercise and only loose .5lb. I can also follow the plan to a T exercise the same amount as the week before and loose between 1.5 and 3lbs. So I am going with a broad goal of the end of October but as long as I am loosing steady then if it takes me six weeks of loosing half a pound each week so be it. I am more worried about learning new eating habits and being able to stick with them. As a gift to myself for hitting the one stone mark I bought one of the WW cookbooks that were on sale as I have had really good luck with their recipes. I do find that you need to figure out how to season them as most only call for salt and pepper and at the Y in E household we like fresh herbs and spices.

Someone asked me what my goal weight was the other day and I am still not able to answer that question. For my height and build WW says my healthy weight range is 118-145lbs. There is quit a difference in those numbers. I have been 125lbs at my lowest and I had people telling me I was too thin. When I was 140 I felt a little too chubby so I think I am going to aim for between 130-135 but I am not ready to set a final goal weight.

Finally a bit of good news from Mr Y in E, he stepped on the scales the other day and then replied he thought they were broken, when I asked why he said because they say I weigh less than normal, how much less I ask. About 10lbs since weighed my self last. When was that I asked. I don’t know a while back. Um sweetheart they are not broken you are loosing weight from all the healthy food you are eating I replied

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Rebel said...

Try not to get too hung up on the number, just aim for feeling healthy.