Sunday, 31 August 2008

The Benifits of Being Married

So it started out as a joke, when my husband would do things I disliked or was not good at I would make a comment about well that the real reason I got married so I would never have to pick out fresh fruit and veg again. I realized the other day that marriage has come with a number of benefits.

1. I suck at picking out fresh fruit and veg Mr Y in E is excellent. Score.

2. I never have to pack the groceries or wheel around the really heavy cart.

3. Anything really heavy I just leave at the bottom of the stair and Mr Y in E brings up

4. I no longer have to change light bulbs.

5. I simply report any minor or major plumbing and electrical issues and these are fixed by Mr Y in E.

6. Trash is taken out on the appropriate day.

7. Mr Y in E is absolutely amazing at vacuuming. I have studied and watched his technique but no matter how hard I try my vacuuming is never as nice.

8. Mr. Y in E is a chef so when we have dinner parties I choose the menus invite the guests and host, Mr Y in E cooks. That is my kind of dinner party.

9. Mr. Y in E is amazing at putting garland on the Christmas tree. Try as I might mine just never looks good. Mr Y in E could work for Martha Stewart.

10. Being a chef Mr Y in E knows about all the best restaurants and at most know some one at the top working there so we always have a nice place to eat and either get stuff taken off the bill or get a great table.

11. Mr Y in E knows lots about cars and has many friends who know even more about car so I no longer have to worry about it.

12. Flat packs stress me out. I can do them just fine but then I need a fifth of vodka and a trip the the psychiatric ward. Mr Y in E is more than happy to put together flat pack while I am far far away.

I on the other hand am good at organizational stuff, I keep track of the finances, not because Mr Y in E i s not good at it he is just fine, however my love of spread sheets and graphs means in some really sick way I enjoy it.

I also organize the grocery shopping, winter and summer clothing rotation, decide when things are ready to go the charity shop and make sure that neither one of us run out of socks or underwear.

I also do things like keep our address book up to date, remember all family and friends birthdays and organize the Christmas card mailing. I should note that while I do remember all birthdays any cards that require going to the post office to mail ie international mailing tend the be late as I hate to go to the post office.

I usually do most or all of the Christmas and birthday shopping with input from Mr Y in E.

I set up appointments that we both need to get to and make sure he is aware of them.

I tend to organize vacations once a location has been chosen.

I tend to research large purchases or purchases where there are multiply options like phone service providers and appliances.

I think it all works well. You would have to ask Mr Y in E if he agrees but I think early on he learned it was just easier to agree with the majority of things because it just made life easier when you were married to a control freak.

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