Monday, 18 August 2008

Catching up

I have been neglecting my poor blog. It has been a busy couple of weeks. So what have I been up to instead of keeping my blog up to date you ask? Well here’s the list.

Spending lots of money

My plane ticket for my visit home at Christmas was purchased and I waved goodbye to £555. It seems like an insane amount but as I have not seen my parents since last September at the wedding and the rest of my family since last June I guess it will all be worth it. It is unfortunate that Mr Yank in England has to work over Christmas but to be honest we could not both afford to go home. This was my Christmas present from Mr. Y in E.

Hotel accommodations for the trip to a super secret location for our 1st anniversary were paid for. It is a surprise for Mr. Y in E so sorry dear blog readers but you will have to wait until we get back to find out where it is I promise lots of pictures though.

Finishing Mother in Law’s Birthday gift

Last weekend saw me putting the finishing touches on MIL scrapbook, and then cleaning up the big huge mess I had made in the process. Mr. Y in E is probably happy to have the big fold out table put away and all the accoutrements tucked neatly back in their boxes.

Joining Weight Watchers

I have struggled with my weight all my life while I don’t believe there is a fat gene I do believe there are genetic factors and if I look at both sides of my family I have the cards stacked against me. I reached an all time low and an all time high on the scale and decided I needed help in changing my life style. I went in as a sceptic and was adamant that I was not going to live with being hungry to loose weight to WW’s credit I have not. I have been very impressed with the program so far I am only in my third weeks but I can already see how they are building me up to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle. While there are WW meals and snacks you do not have to buy anything special and can follow the program very easily with normal foods you buy from your local supermarket. I have been to 3 weigh ins so far and have lost 6lbs and can honestly say I don’t miss anything. I do use some of their ready meals just for ease and convience for lunches but they tend to be cheaper than a sandwich and soda from sandwich shops so I can’t complain. I also use some of there goodies for when I get a sweet tooth other than that I just make better choices in regular food. It has been very easy to follow the plan and augment meals so that both Mr Y in E and I can have basically the same dinner. I am hoping that by the time we take our anniversary trip the end of September I will have lost a stone, for those of you not use to using Imperial that is 14lbs. I am very much on track if I can continue on the same track I have been.

Watching the Olympics

I am lucky that the site I have been at over the last few weeks has a TB in the lobby directly across from the reception desk that is set on BBC1. It has been so nice to be able to keep up with all the going on. Since the TV is on mute this has lead to some very comical commentating by my colleagues and I when we are board.

I am so impressed by Michael Phelps what an amazing human being. I was on the train on my way into work on Friday and privy to the conversation of a group of friends behind me. One brought up Michael Phelps and gave a monologue on how she thought he was inhuman and they should put a limit on how many metals a person could win. I was dumb struck. This was not a beauty contest; he was not getting any where based on something he was born with. I will concede that athletes may be born with a predisposition to do well in sport but most of them work extremely had at their talent. Michael Phelps spends 6hours a day in the pool everyday plus all the other weight training and such. I don’t care if he wins every gold medal in the summer Olympics if he puts in the effort to be able to do it. Nothing made me happier than to log on this morning and find out he had won his eighth gold medal. Yeah that V sign is for you lady on the train.

Making myself beautiful

I knew when I took this job that looks were very important I just did not realize how long it would take me to make myself look they way they wanted. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy looking nice but I was use to rolling out of bed and pulling on comfy clothes and heading out the door. Now I roll out of bed into my six minute shower then on to 20 min of hair styling another 15 min of face prep and make up and then there is all the other matinance. All the crap I put on my face has to come off at night. The nails have to be done at least once a week plus maintained during the week. Uniforms have to be washed and pressed and then lint rolled once on as black does not go well with white kitty hair. Shoes have to be polished though I know have a pair of black patent leather pair as well as a normal black leather pair so that cuts down some of the time. I feel very high maitaince. I look forward to the weekend when sometime I don’t even wash my hair yeah I know I am a rebel.

Finding the bed room

I don’t know why but our bedroom seems to be the dumping ground for everything we can’t figure out where else to put. This means every six months or so we have do dig it out reorganize it and get rid of all the crap we no longer need, no longer fits, or looks like it has been attacked by a shark. That day was today. Mr. Y in E and I changed sides of the bed a few months ago but did not swap over bedside drawers so I figured in the process of moving them we could move all the small stuff out of the bed room give it a good vacuum and a reorganization. This took less time than I thought but made a world of difference. I was also able to actually get to the bottom of both laundry hampers this weekend. Mr. Y in E was off on Friday so was able to get all of his work stuff done Friday during the day so that I had more washer time this weekend. The weather has also been perfect for drying on our clothes rack. I was able to get both bathrobes and the mattress cover through the wash.


Chance said...

I hate having to wear nice clothes for work. Still, better than being an unpaid hobo. But not, I guess, as good as being a paid hobo. That would be sweet.

Yankee in England said...

Way Sweet