Saturday, 30 August 2008

Sleep Glorious Sleep

So I have decided what the worst thing about getting up between 5:15 and 5:45 am during the week is. No it is not getting up at the crack of dawn amazingly this does not really bother me. I give myself 10-15 min to stumble around like a retard while I wake up but I normally had to do that even when I woke up later.

The worst thing is that on the weekends I wake up at 6:30 and feel like I have had a lay in. There is something so wrong with being awake at 6:30 on the weekend but to feel like you have gotten to sleep in is even more wrong.

Kitty has a new toy/hideout. Mr Y in E did not break down his beer box when he emptied it and now Kitty has decided it is a great place to hang out. It make me laugh though because it was only a 12 can box so it is not that big, he curl all up in it and waits for you to walk by and pounces on you. I am still trying to get a picture but the little !*$% knows when you have the camera and refuses to be photographed.

It was payday yesterday and now I am off to the bank to pay the few bills that do no come out direct debit woo hoo can you hear the glorious sucking sound.

The really irritating thing is that we get our gas and electric bill quarterly and the last one came just as Mr Y in E was changing job so he did not get a pay check for a month and a half because of the fact that you get paid monthly over here, we called up the gas and electric company to explain this and ask if we could pay it the first of July instead of the end of May which they were kind enough to allow us to do since we had always payed our bills on time. The down side of this is since we payed late it is already time for another bill ick. Next quarter should be even more exciting as gas bills have all just gone up 30%. I already told Mr. Y in E that this winter the thermostat will not be going above 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Put another sweater on.

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