Thursday, 21 August 2008

Update on the Pepsi Challege and WW

A few weeks ago I realized that I had not had a Pepsi Max for 3 days and the only caffeine I'd had was a cup of tea that my Mother in Law had made me and it seemed rude not to drink it. When I realized that I had not had any ill fated 6pm snooze fests I decided to actually make a conscious effort not to drink diet cola with the exception of it being my drink of choice for pub outings. I was amazed at how easy it seemed for the first week or so. I was getting an average of two skinny lattes a week and replacing my Pepsi Max consumption with sparking water.

I some what fell of the band wagon this week when I had to do an 8 am shift at a site that was a two hour commute from my house. By lunch I was fading fast and my quick hop into a news agent to pick of ciggies with my defences down and all of a sudden I had a Pepsi Max in my bag. The next day I was at the same site and another Pepsi Max seemed in order. The site I am at today provides sparking water for the staff and I have seemed to resist the temptation of caffeine, hopeful it is just one slip and now I am back on the band wagon.


At first I was reluctant to post about my Weight Watchers experiences but the more I read and see it seems like the more support and accountability you have the greater your chances of success. I don't think that anyone myself include would enjoy or want a blow by blow account buy I would like to post my weigh in results each week so here goes

Start Weight: 13st 13lb(195lb)

1st Weigh in: 13st 09lb(191lb) -4

2nd Weigh in. 13st 07lb(189lb)-2

3rd Weigh in: 13st 5.5lb(187.5)-1.5

Total weight lost 7.5 or just over half a stone.

Totally unrelated

I realized tonight for the first time maybe in all my working history I am working to live and not living to work. It is such a great feeling to be able to do things I have wanted to do for so long and not been able to afford or have time for. Is my job perfect? No, but it is close enough I can over look the small things. It has given me the time and energy to get back into paper craft and to take back control of my eating habits and weight. That is a wonderful feeling.

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Michael5000 said...

That's pretty good progress on multiple fronts.... Don't have too easy a time with the Pepsi, it'll make me look bad.