Tuesday, 26 August 2008

The Anderson-Moore Wish List 2009

So the first rough draft of the Anderson-Moore 2009 Wish List has been drawn up. Mr. Y in E and I found that we were always saying we should do X or wouldn’t it be fun to go to Y but when free time and or money was around damned us if we could remember what it was that we wanted to do or buy and we seemed to buy stupid little things instead of saving for the big stuff. So here it is in all of it uncut glory divided by joint and personal. No item too small not item too big that is what the drafts 2-37 are for.





Oh wait that was the shopping list written on the back lets try this again


Change Flats
-ours it just too small for two people

New wardrobe- Huge double wardrobe with vanity between the two wardrobes will set us back £348 being able to have a dedicated make up space, priceless.

A weekend trip to Alton Towers-the largest theme park in the UK

A brother for kitty-this one comes and goes depending on how much kitty is pissing me off on any particular day. Plus now that the worst of the kitty stage is over and we are in the awkward teenage phase I wonder do I really want to start over with another kitten?

Weekend in the Lake District-causes its pretty and there is water, Emma likes water.

New mattress for bed-because Mr. Y in E bought a really cheap one before Mrs Y in E moved in with him. You could already feel the springs popping through when I moved in now it is just beyond sad.

Trip to South Africa-Mr. Y in E’s best mate is living down there he has been up twice since I have moved over to England we have been down zip. Plus when else are we going to go, if we wait to much longer there will be children to think about or what ever excuse so SA here we come.

New DVD player-ours is going on 6 years and sometimes just decides it does not like a DVD and will not play it. It does not seem to be prejudice in its choice and can go weeks with out doing it and then choose not to play a DVD it was playing the day before.

New TV-because hey we are getting a new DVD player so we must need a new TV, I think this is actually an excuse to get a giant mahungus flat screen HD enabled television that will cost more than any car I have ever purchased it may even cost more than all the cars I have ever owned put together, but as I said in the intro that is what drafts 2-37 are for.

Sky subscription-we tend to disagree on this one. There is never anything to watch on the five basic channels over here so why would there be something on the other three hundred I am more than happy to just have my online DVD rental which costs about the same a month and then I get to choose what I want to watch.

Phone with wireless head set- This is my WTF contribution. I have never been a sit and talk to someone on the phone kind of person and I want a wireless head set so that I can wander around the house and have my hands free to do as I please.

Mr Y in E’s list:

New car-why? Because he can

Go to a couple of car shows-why? Because it gets him out of the house a few weekends a year and that mean I have the bed all to myself.

Mrs Y in E’s list:

IPhone- cause I want one cause I want one. I have really struggled with this I have wanted a touch phone since they very first came out and I also want an IPlayer which I don’t have yet. If you had asked me last year any decent Mp3 player would have done but since then my husband has gotten an IPlayer and it just seems it would be easier to use the same programs. I do feel that my desire for an IPhone is totally consumerist so the jury on this is still out.

Cuttlebug-crafting accessory that embosses and does die cuts

Folding Table and chair- to use in crafting

Crafting Studio-my answer to Mr. Y in E’s new car

In totally unrelated new

We bought two new duck feather pillows. We had two nice ones but the other two pillows on our bed looked like there were one left around from before the Great War. They made a single sheet of paper look nice and fluffy. While we were doing a deep clean of the living room on Saturday we found a gift certificate from our wedding and decided that 11 months after we got married was as good a time as any to use it. Ah sleep was blissful last night.

Rat boy has decided that every one would love it if he slept on their heads. It make sense to him he can’t quite understand why no one else enjoys it.

Hoping that restaurant reservations at super secret restaurant in super secret location will be confirmed this week!!!! Very excited. I am not sure how Mr Y in E has not figured it out yet but he says he wants it too be a surprise.

A Christmas card design has been chosen and stamps have been ordered I just need to choose the paper I want to use on them this weekend! Watch my craft blog and hopefully I can keep it updated.

I have been working at a sight that uses a two computer screen system so you can have at least two windows up while you are working and you can drag between the two screens. This has changed my life like nothing else has since they invented those tab things on the internet so you did not have to have multiple windows open. The only problem with this is that I have only seen it at this one site and really I don’t think I could add a two screen system to our 2009 wish list. A girl can dream.

Things you could do with out knowing:

I finally figured where I lost the 7.5 pounds from this morning when I went to put on a figure hugging top and it did not hug my chest as much as it use to. Well beggars can’t be choosers.


Michael5000 said...

Wow, that's a lot of stuff. Did your ship come in?

Yoyo the Cat sleeps on my head. I'm actually kind of fond of it. Maybe you should give it another shot with ol' Rat Boy. Could be an acquired taste.

Yankee in England said...

No ship rolling in hence the title Wish List. Something to work towards but not all will be accomplished