Tuesday, 5 August 2008

I took the Pepsi Challenge

I know what your thinking but no I did not take the Pepsi Taste challenge. Michael5000 (check out his blog it’s on my blog list) blogged last Thursday about his diet cola habit. Apparently he goes through two 44oz cups a day, I was shocked at this amount and then I realized it is not uncommon for me to go through two 20oz bottles a day and a few glasses if I go out to the pub with my husband. While this is still shy of the 88oz mark it is still a shocking amount of Pepsi Max. I thought of seeing what might happen if I went 24 hours without caffeine so no swapping my Pepsi Max for Starbuck’s grande latte. My last Pepsi Max was finished at 7pm on Sunday night, Monday morning I got up as usual even though I had only had 4 ½ hours of sleep due to late night road works the next road over. I feared the fuzzy brain and the desire to put my head down on my desk and die but neither came. I did enjoy a lovely caffeine withdrawal headache around 1pm but two Advil but this in its place in about 15min.

By the time I was walking home from the station after work I was lagging quite a bit and since it was quarter to seven I decided to stop by the gas station and pick up a Pepsi Max to enjoy when the clock stuck 7pm. When I got up to the drink fridge there was a huge advertisement all 20oz Pepsi products 3 for £1.50, I took this as a sign that I was meant to drink Pepsi Max and grabbed my three bottles. Who could resist them at 50p a piece?

I finished my walk home, made myself some dinner and ate it. I then opened my Pepsi Max and took my first refreshing sip in 24 hours; sadly it was also my last. Less than 15min later I had fallen asleep while watching the evening news (This leads to some very interesting dreams in case you were wondering. I dreamed I was part of a protest to shut down a coal burning electric plant.) not to be woken until my husband got home from work around 11pm and I stumbled into bed mumbling something about needing to buy ink cartridges for the printer.

While I don’t think I can totally blame my lack of caffeine for the fact that I was out like a light bulb at 7:30pm I really don’t think it has help. Now that I have proven to myself that I can go 24 hours with out Pepsi and I don’t die, the world does not come to and end, and no one has unleashed their nuclear weapon I think it might be time to cut down my intake. I think I will cut down to one 20oz bottle a day lest my new permanent bed time be 7:30pm.

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Michael5000 said...

I guess I'm glad I still have the power to shock.

This is day one at 64 ounces. I feel moderately cravey. But it's cool.