Friday, 4 October 2013


Dear Mum,

I cut my first bottom tooth last night ( you may have noticed when you sliced your finger on it rubbing Bonjela on my gums) the second one is not far behind and my top gums are swollen as well. I am six months in just over four weeks and I am thinking steak as my first weaning food.




Mama Tully said...

LOL! Wow, it seems crazy that our babies could be getting teeth already! Although your little guy seems a bit more ahead than mine...mine isn't anywhere close to sleeping through the night, he just started rolling around, and other than a TON of drool, no teeth yet :) However this has still been the quickest 6 months EVER!

Yankee in England said...

@Mama Tully, It is crazy how different babies are Jasper won't sit he hates it. If I put him in the bumbo he slips one leg in and tries to launch himself over the side. When I work on tripod with him he throws him self forward like he is going to crawl off (this results in face plant as he is not strong enough) but he can not be still he does a shuffle on his back where he arches his back and shoves himself with his feet. He has also now mastered the belly to back roll and multiple roll. He is this close to commando crawling and spins himself in cirlces when on his belly as he shoves with the same foot over and over again. He is DESPERATE to be on the move you can see the sheer determination every time you put him on the floor.

Yankee in England said...

@Mama Tully-Jasper also has not consistently slept through the night for about a month and in the last two weeks there are nights he has not done more than two hour streches.