Thursday, 24 October 2013

10 Things Right Now - Jocelynne

One my Autumn Bucket List items was to Document Life, I am still trying to find a good blend of that between electronic and physical hold in your hand methods.  Ali Edwards does 10 Things Right Now Posts at regular intervals for her two children and recently herself as well and I though it was a brilliant way to document what is happening in our life right now.

1. You have been in Preschool for eight weeks now and you love it, in some ways I can't believe it has been 8 weeks already and in others it seem like you have always been going to preschool.

2. We have to use two different Lollipop Ladies (crossing guards) (yes there are Lollipop Men ours just happend to both be Ladies) on the walk to Preschool and you think they are the best things since sliced bread. You get so excited as we come up the the crossing and excitedly say good morning to them as we cross the road. If you are ever dawdling too much on the walk I can always say "help me find the next Lollipop Lady and you get excited and speed up. We don't normally walk home from Preschool but when we do you are always disappointed they are not there as they are actually for the two schools we pass and the finishing times don't match up with your Preschool.

3. You are obbsessed with the concept of Past, Present, and Future. We chat a lot about what you did yesterday, what we are going to do during the day and what the plans are for tommorrow and in the near future. Items we only do once a week we count sleeps till you do it again.  So on a Monday if you ask me how long till Gymnastics I will tell you three sleeps. You seem to understand the future time line better than the past. Everything in the past is yesterday for the last few days or a long time ago for anything over a week or so.

4. You love Wheatabix for breakfast and would eat 6-8 of them if we let you but we have implemented a 2 Wheatabix rule as I worry about if that much fiber can be good for you. After that you can have a bowel of another cereal or toast or fruit.

5. Your favourite toys at the moment are your wooden dolls and doll furniture that have been gifts from both your Grandma Traci and Pa as well as your Grandpa Arnold. You also like your Postman Pat figurines and all the little bits that go with them

6. You love to bake with me or more often your father. You seem to think that you should try each ingredient and I have on occasion grabbed a spoon from you before you shove a big wad of butter or spoon of flour in you mouth. The moment you hear the beaters going you come running to claim it when I am done mixing. You find it hard to believe that there would be things you wouldn't want to lick of the beaters.

7. This morning while driving Jasper worked himself into a freenzy in the car and was screaming quite loud and you started screaming at the top of your lungs "IT'S ALL RIGHT LITTLE MAN DON'T CRY" "SWEET BOY I LOVE YOU THERE IS NO NEED TO CRY" "IT'S ALL RIGHT LITTLE MAN I AM RIGHT HERE BESIDE YOU" It almost brought tears to my eyes, I love the fact that you mimic the same things I say to Jasper to calm him down.

8. Every night when you go to bed you ask me to lay down by you and unfortunetly most of the time I can't as Jasper needs looking after at that point but when your daddy is home I secretly love doing it as I know I won't get the chance forever.

9. You are a stickler for rules and routine. Every night we set the timer after you get in the bath for when it is time to wash your hair which signals the end of the bath. Tonight you were really tired and asked to get out and I said okay lets wash your hair you responded "No mummy we can't the timer hasn't gone off"

10. You are ALL about asking questions, sometimes it seem a bit like the Spanish Inquisition especially in the morning as I am not a morning person and it takes about all of my brain power to get us out of the door on time. Most of the time it is the same questions you ask all the time and already know the answers to buy sometimes you come up with humdingers.

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Mama Tully said...

Awwww…that's so sweet that she tried to calm her baby brother :)
Adelle, my 2 year old, always asks me to cuddle her at night and I LOOOOVE cuddling her so much! But lately I've had to say no b/c either Walker needs me or it causes a bunch of whining when I cuddle one of the girls and not the other since they share a room. It really sucks. Luckily she still naps, so I usually squeeze a cuddle in with her at the beginning of her naps!