Tuesday, 29 October 2013

While You Were Sleeping

I have started to organize photos for the year to make a yearly photo book and in the process of uploading the photos from my phone I realize I have an insane amount of Joss sleeping so here are some of my favorites

Last Night in her Cot Bed

Crashed out on the drive home from taking Grandma Traci to the Airport

Crashed out after about two hours of sleep while spending the weekend away

Same weekend away crashed out in the pushchair luckily we had the sling for Jasper

The I didn't need a nap today but as soon as you put me in the push chair I am gone crash out
Quick nap on a day out to London so we can keep partying later 

The hope you don't mind I hopped in your bed when you weren't looking

The oh year maybe it was too early to get up

Last Sleep as a two year old

First sleep as a three year old clutching the handbag that was a favorite present

Hard won nap #1

Hard won nap #2

Hard won nap #3

Hard won nap #4

Really I don't need a nap (she gave up naps about a month ago, she needs one but won't I gave up)

The you pushed my buttons so many times today I wasn't sure both of us or either of us would make it till bed time but seeing this almost makes it all right.


Mama Tully said...

Ha! I love all the ones with her baby dolls around her :)

Jacqueline said...

This would make a great coffee table book. A Year of Sleep. :)