Friday, 25 October 2013

10 Things Right Now - Jasper

1. You are so wiggly, no matter what we are doing you have to wiggle. You wiggle on the floor rolling all over kicking and flapping your arms. If someone stands you up you would think you have springs for legs you just bounce. Changing times have become interesting as you want to wiggle and flip all over. Getting you dressed is an extreme sport.

2. You have two bottom teeth but it feels like you top two teeth are making their way.

3. You love food so far you have had sugar snap peas, sweet potatoes, toast, pears, and we tried baby rice but you flicked the spoon at me and that was the end of spoon feeding, Baby Led Weaning all the way around here.

4. You have stopped sleeping through the night and it is killing me but you have settled into a dream feed around 10.30pm, another feed around 4.30am and then up between 7am and 8am.

5. You are such a chilled baby, you don't mind the vacuum and are happy to have it run right up to you and around you. You are happy to chat in the cot for a good length of time after you wake up and most naps I just put you in the cot and you chat away till you get tired and fall off to sleep.

6. You LOVE your sister anytime she is around you give the biggest smiles and you try to keep up with her by rolling and commando crawling after her.

7. You have started doing this thing where you pass toys between your hands and feet it kills me you look like a little monkey doing it.

8. You now give cuddles you will rest you head on my shoulder and borrow in, you have also started giving kisses, I think, you will open your mouth and plant it on my face.

9. You are very vocal and I always hear jibber jabber and squaks from you and you love the sound of your own voice you almost wind yourself up with it.

10. You have absolutely no use for learning to sit no matter how hard I try to work with you it is always a mission to get you to bend in the middle and even if I do once I have you in a tripod you think it is a great place to launch yourself from to try and crawl.

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Mama Tully said...

It's funny how close our boys are in age and yet how different they are! Mine dislikes food and has been sitting for months, while yours loves food and is already on the move! One thing they have in common is how much they love their big sisters though… no one can get smiles from my boy quite like his sisters can :)
Oh, and sleep is crap for both, ha! If you come up with any magic solutions to get these boys sleeping through the night, do share - immediately!