Friday, 27 September 2013

The Autumn Bucket List/Autumn Seasonal Food List

We really enjoyed the Summer Bucket List as a family and it was a great place to refer to as we planned our weeks and looked for last minute activities to do. We didn't manage to accomplish all the tasks on the list but to be honest this was never my intention in making a bucket list. My intention was to communicate as a family (mostly Philip and I at the moment but Joss is becoming more and more involved in this process) what activities and experiences we wanted to be involved in over a specific season. I am trying much harder to parent with fore thought I have to say that the majority of Joss's first 2-2/12 years Philip and I were kind of flying by the seat of our pants.  Some of this was just not knowing exactly what parenting and having a child involved, some of it was just hanging on to pre-child days where we could literally decide we wanted to do something and be out the door five minutes later. As Joss grows and as I realize that at least for me understanding age appropriate activities and choosing activities is not something I can just wing I have a desire as well as a need to put more thought into how we choose to celebrate seasons and document our life as family.

For that reason we have decided to write an Autumn Bucket List and this season we also really wanted to put a lot of focus on using seasonal foods and recipes.  I have divide them into two lists for that reason.  Again it is not all about crossing everything off but about the thought process and having a place to draw ideas from instead of starting with a blank canvas.

Autumn Bucket List

  • First Day of Preschool Photo with 
  • Interview Joss about her life
  • attend a Farmer's Market
  • Trick or Treat with Joss and Jasper
  • Leaf Prints with Joss
  • Try the White Lion (this is a carry over from the Summer Bucket List)
  • Eat at the Cherry Tree
  • Document Life (this deserves it's own post)

Autumn Food Bucket List:
  • Rabbit 
  • Pigeon
  • Roasted Corn Cesar Salad ( I have already made this recipe, to the wise it has too much garlic in the dressing and this come from someone who LOVES garlic who find reasons to add garlic to recipes.  I would at least halve the amount of garlic and or roast the garlic before hand)
  • Buffalo Chicken Corn Chowder
Again this is just a wish list I know that due to two small children a number of these recipes will not be made over the coming month. To be honest some nights I just end up having corn flakes for dinner but I love having a list to come back to and get ideas from.

What are your favorite Autumn activities and recipes?

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