Thursday, 25 September 2008

Weigh in Wednesdays

So I was looking at my Weight Watchers weigh in card last night as I was waiting to be weighed and I realized that last week I actually gained a pound at weigh in so what I posted last week was incorrect. I am sorry this was not deliberate I think I was so caught up with all the crap of cancelling the Paris trip that I did not look at it correctly before I posted. So below is a correct table of my weight loss so far

Start Weight: 13st 13lb (195lb)
1st Weigh in: 13st 091b (191lb) -4
2nd Weigh in: 13st 07lb (189lb) -2
3rd Weigh in: 13st 5.5lb (187.5lb) -1.5
4th Weigh in: 13st 2.5lb (184.5lb) -3
5th Weigh in: 13st 1lb (183.0lb) -1.5
6th Weigh in: 13st 0lb (182.0lb) -1
7th Weigh in: 13st 1lb (183.0lb) +1
8th Weigh in: 12st 13.5lb (181.5lb) -1.5

Total Weight Loss 13.5lb

So my goal was to lose 1st or 14lb before we went to Paris which would have been tomorrow if all had gone correctly. Well I fell a little short but I am not going to beat myself up as in two months I have lost 13.5 pounds. I feel like I have a long term goal and lots of short term goals along the way. No one who is unaware of my weight loss has commented on noticing I lost weight. Mr. Y in E has been really supportive and in the last week or so has started to comment that you can notice I have lost weight, bless his pea picking heart. The big thing for me is that when I went out to buy a dress for MIL 60th birthday and our anniversary dinner I bought one that was one size smaller than what I have been wearing and if we were completely honest when I started WW I probably should have been wearing a size larger than I was as everything I owned was really tight. My next goal is 10% of my start weight which is 19.5lbs or 12st 8.5lbs. I hesitate to put a time frame on this goal as I don’t want to be disappointed if I don’t reach it I think for the moment as long as I am losing weight each week then I will let it happen as it happens.


Chance said...

I'm pulling for you. It's brave of you to put out goals and results like this.

Michael5000 said...

Damn, I'm never going to catch up (down?) with you now....

Yankee in England said...

Its not a contest, though if it was I would like to point out that I would seriously be winning