Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Trying ot find a quiet place to die

I apologize for my lack of blogging lately I have been looking for a cave to crawl into and die. I have my biannual sinus infection and I feel like crap. On the upside since finding out it was easier to get an appointment for the nurse practitioner in my doctor’s surgery and also realizing that I liked her better than any of the doctors I have seen it is no longer such a hassle. I called up at 8am and had an appointment for 9am. I don’t think the masses really understand nurse practitioners over here since they are quite a new thing but to be quite honest anyone who can give me drugs makes me happy. The other two pros is she is a woman so I don’t feel funny talking to her about female issues (over here gynaecologists are specialist and you only see them for major problems on a whole you see your GP for everything) and English is her first language it makes communication a lot easier I really don’t think the last GP I saw understood what I was saying.

So a day and a half into the antibiotics and I feel better than before but the cave idea is still enticing. I guess the whole Eurostar/cancelling our trip to Paris was a good thing as I do not relish the thought of dragging my sorry sniffling ass around Paris.
My MIL 60th birthday was lovely. The weather was beautiful lots of good friends, family and food. She was really chuffed with the scrapbook I made her from the day we all went out to Danbury Lake and Hyde hall. I wish I could have enjoyed it more but the beginning of the sinus infection was taking hold.

I just have to make it through the rest of the day and then tomorrow and then I am off for four days. Can were say snooze fest 2008!

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