Friday, 5 September 2008

The good, the bad, and the ugly

The Good: So my fat jeans are WAY too big. I can wiggle them off with out much work even with my belt on the tightest hole. While this may be a great party trick not, so good for everyday life like walking down the street. My normal jeans are loose, not so loose they will fall off. Not tight might be a better description

The Bad: I don’t have any jeans in the next size down from what I am wearing now. I have jeans two sizes smaller. I hate to jean shop in a big bad way. In my 28.5 years on this planet I have only ever found one style of jeans that I truly like and I have my mom ship them to me. This seem kind of silly since I am going home in December so here is hoping that I don’t loose so much weight that my jean fall off or that I loose it at the right rate so I can fit into my jeans two sizes smaller before the size I am in now starts to fall off.

The Ugly: I locked myself out of the house last night. Before you ask how it happened it might be important to explain it is a miracle that it does not happen more. When I was living in Virginia we never locked our doors so I never needed house keys. I don’t even know that I had them. I left my car keys in my ignition at home and at work. Everyone I knew did. In the winter 10min before the shift ended one person would go out and start everyone’s cars to warm up. The parking lot was small and sometime you had to block people in, if you were blocked in you just moved the other person’s car. Where my parent are it is not uncommon to see a car running outside a shop. So yes I locked myself out of the house but I would like to point out I have only done it twice in the three years I have been living with Philip and I don’t think that is half bad.


Michael5000 said...

If the pants thing gets out of control you could just slam down some emergency ice cream.

...and having solved that problem, I'm off to Virginia to steal me some cars.

Yankee in England said...

finally a solution I can live with!