Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Top 10 Rush Hour Style

Okay so it is time for another list of things that really irritate Y in E. Rush Hour Style.

1. Strollers the size of SUVs on public transport in rush hour and the mothers who think they should have the right to take up that much space when I have Mr. Elbows in my chest sitting next to me.
2. Parents who don’t get their over 10 year old children to offer their seat to those who are elderly or physically less able to stand. Hell parents who don’t offer their seat.
3. Business men who ignore the world reading their newspapers in their overly expensive suits who don’t offer their seats to the heavily pregnant woman who gets on the bus or tube.
4. People who do not allow passengers off the tube before tying to board themselves.
5. People who don’t understand the stand to right walk to the left rule on the escalators. There are public service announcement about it for gosh sake.
6. Children on rush hour trains home in the evening. Yeah the last thing I want on the way home is some bratty snot nosed child running around making a lot of noise.
7. Whole familes spread across the platform or concourse so that you the one who knows where you are going and does not have to check the train times can not actually make it to the train you need to catch.
8. People who have arguments on their mobile phones on the train or bus. Yeah I really don’t want to hear about it and I am sure the person you are having the argument with would be mortified to know everyone in carriage number 1 on the 5.33pm train from Liverpool Street to Southend Victoria now knows that you forgot your anniversary.8.
9. The above mentioned Mr. Elbows. Those cushy things your elbows keep hitting are my breasts.
10. And finally the guy that practically knocks you over to get to the seat that is 2 inches from you that was just vacated.

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