Monday, 31 May 2010

32 weeks

Dear Sprog,

Mummy is getting slow, really slow. Daddy now measure how slow people are in comparison to mummy. He said the other day that one of his Chef de Parties made me look fast. Sometimes Daddy forgets how slow Mummy is and looks back after a couple hundred yards to realize that Mummy is far behind.

We had an appointment with the midwife this week and she said you have a very strong heartbeat and Mummy’s tummy is right on target for growth. We talked more about our plan to try a home birth and gave me some advice.

I can’t believe how much fruit and salad I am craving lately, we have tons of fruit and yogurt for breakfast, and usually a huge salad for lunch. Trying to keep things balanced we usually have crap for dinner like a whole package of flapjacks or cheesecake or brownies, gotta have some ying with your yang.

Mummy’s friend Rachel is leaving for the US for a few months and won’t be here for your birth so she gave Mummy your gift early. I think she was worried that mummy would not buy you anything in pink or with frills so she made sure to get you LOTS of pink frilly stuff. You can thank her when she gets back in September.
Love you much

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