Monday, 10 May 2010

29 weeks

Dear Sprog,
If Mummy gets any bigger they are going to have to roll her like the kid in Charlie and the Chocolate factory who tried the candy he shouldn't have.
Daddy and I started antenatal classes a few weeks ago and have already had the class on a planned c-section, Mummy would prefer you did not come out this way so if you would work on that for me.
We also got your cot a few weeks ago it is sitting at the bottom of the stairs, it is the first big purchase and even though it is still in the box it seems to make it a little more real. Your brother Kitty is not impressed with the new box in the house or all the other little things that seem to be appearing. However he does like to curl up next to Mummy's belly to sleep at night so I am hoping the two of you will be good friends in time.
The books say you are about the size of an acorn squash now. Seem very big, but not big enough to come out yet. Just wanted to let you know that 37 weeks is considered full term so if you felt you were cooked enough by then to come out Mummy would welcome you with open arms. If not I will just remind you how long I served for as your host on every single occasion available until you are at least 40 years old. No pressure.
P.S. we are working on a name for you, I promise you will not be know as the Sprog FOREVER, just the first five years of your life or so.

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