Friday, 14 May 2010

What is on a Pregnant woman mind right now?

You asked it's pretty scattered and scary.


I wonder if David Cameron realized when joining the Conservative party a million years ago that one day he would never again be able to wear a red tie. I wonder if he wakes up some mornings and thinks, damn I am really bored with wearing the same blue tie every single day.

I wonder if Nick Clegg's choice of a green tie yesterday was a subliminal message about the Lib-Dem Conservative coalition. Might as well throw all those yellow ties away Judas. How does it feel to be sleeping with the enemy? You have so sold out your party and it ideals for what I ask? Being Deputy PM? It is more of a laughable role the Vice President in the US. I will buy you some nice blue ties for Christmas.

I wonder if Gordon Brown is secretly thinking suckers I don't even have to wear a tie unless I want and if I did want to wear a tie I could choose ANY colour, bit me.

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Michael5000 said...

This blog is getting all political.