Saturday, 12 June 2010

The belly is not all that swells

In the absence of my bump photographer you will have to make do with photo of swelling I can take. That would be my before and after photos of my ankle swelling. The first was take about 6.30 am before I left for work. The second was around 7pm when I got home.


AFTER I should mention that even the before shot is more swollen than my ankles were before pregnancy but that seems to be the norm now. My Midwife has seen my ankles at their worst and says even though it looks bad it is not out of the normal range for pregnancy especially given the hot weather of late. I am hoping now that I have given up work I can keep the swelling down by being able to put my feet up more. I will be trying to get my bump photographer to get a picture soon so you can see something more exciting than my ankles.

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