Tuesday, 18 May 2010

30 weeks

Dear Sprog,
Daddy was able to go with us to our midwife appointment last week and got to hear your heart beat, think he liked it. Mummy and Daddy are both learning loads at our antenatal classes, last week we learned all about a natural birth, we like this and would prefer that you decide to come out this way. Also last week I mentioned that full term was 37 weeks and you could come out anytime after that, well we just learned that Daddy does not get paid paternity leave if you show up before the 18th of July so I if you wouldn't mind staying in until then. I retract the before mentioned holding it against you and all that.
Last week we finally got a new Prime Minister after much negotiation and coalition making. Sorry you will be born under a conservative PM. Mummy did not get to vote. Don't worry if you want to grow up and be a conservative I will still love you, goodness know Grandma and Grandpa still love mummy even though she is a little liberal for their liking. I do have to mention though that David Cameron (that's your new PM) is talking about getting rid of Child Tax credits for the income bracket Mummy and Daddy fall into so I hope you were not dreaming of having a pony.
On a less serious note the evening kickboxing class you seem to have enrolled in keeps Mummy amused for the whole train ride home, so thanks.
All the love in the Universe,

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