Thursday, 12 February 2009

Weigh in Wednesdays

So had a pleasant surprise last night when I went to weight in. I was sure that I had stayed the same but I had in fact lost a pound. It was a pleasant surprise and I hope that it is a trend that will continue. I am now on half a pound away from my before Christmas weight. I am truly hoping that maybe the limbo if quiting and loosing weight is over, though I am not stupid enough to think that just because I lost this week it will be that way from now on. I am going to hold on to my new found attitude of one day at a time. Not to tempt fate but this week has been the easiest so far when it comes to cravings for a ciggy. I don't think there will be anyway to talk the pharmacist out of lowering my patch dose to the lowest one this Saturday so I am going to hike up my big girl panties and brace myself for the storm that is lower my nicotine supply. Right now at least I think that the end might just be about insight, we will see if I feel the same way after the weekend. I owe a hug thanks to Mr Y in E, best friends J and J, and my Mummy who have all spent the last four and a half weeks dealing with me being one super grumpy bastard. Please keep me in your thoughts this weekend while I switch doses and keep your fingers crossed.

Oh and for anyone wondering this weeks weight 12st 3.5lb or 171.5lb

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