Sunday, 15 February 2009

Twenty Five Random things about me

I was tagged a while ago with this and have been putting it off so here I go in no particular order

1. My middle name is Lynne

2. My husband is a chef

3. Since giving up smoking I have been putting all the lighters I find in a jar I am up to 23

4. This one is my favorite. Hated it when I bought it now I love it doesn't matter any more

5. I had a rabbit named Hazelnut when I was a teenager.

6. I am the oldest of five children 3 boys two girls. The girls make up the bookends

7. My favorite color changes seasonally right now it is not quite navy blue

8. I am typing this up as I bake cookies you can find the recipe here

9. I am a control freak

10. I love spread sheets see number 9

11. I use to do water colour paintings, I wish I had the discipline to start again

12. My bedroom was pink from the time I was 11 till I was about 16. I now hate the colour pink

13. I named my kitty after Ernest Hemingway. It was a waste of time since we call him Little Shit.

14. I love to bake

15. I always try to be classic when I dress but I really wish I could be boho chic, must try harder.

16. Every hand bag I own right now is black. Need to buy another colour that is pathetic.

17. I really hate carrots but I eat them anyways because they are good for you.

18. Sometimes I wish I could say all the socially inappropriate and rude things that pop into my head.

19. I love white bedding but I never buy it because I know I will only get it dirty.

20. I love to read

21. I hate Lychee fruit. I however love slicing the skin and popping them out.

22. Fall and spring are my favorite seasons.

23. I did start typing this while I was baking cookies, that was over a week ago.

24. I am an air head or ditsy or however you want to put it. My mind is easily distracted and then I forget how I got to where I am mentally and have to back track in the hope I have not forgotten anything important.

25. I hate the rain if I have to be out in it. I love it if I can sit inside and watch it storm outside.

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