Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Loose another 20lbs by summer.
So I have no idea where I am going with this, I think I am getting closer to being back to normal on my weight loss. I stayed the same this week but there was also a Peanut Butter Pie to celebrate Mr. Y in E’s birthday and I had shall we say more than one piece (half the pie) so I should count myself lucky to have not gained, all the walking is helping. I have still not joined the gym yet there are some unrelated issues I am waiting to be resolved before I do that.

Pay off CC. This is definitely an ongoing thing nothing much to report still making monthly payments and working towards it, we have had to lower them for a few months but I know we can still do it!

Quit smoking. I have had on ciggy in the last three weeks we are definitely moving forward. I feel like a non smoker. I would no more go out and buy a pack of ciggies than a pint of Ben and Jerry’s. Actually right now I worry more about buying a pint of Ben and Jerry’s than smokes. When I go in for my breathalyzer this weekend I think they are going to try and get me to lower my patch again. I don’t know how I feel about that, I am doing well on the 14mg patch but I guess no pain no gain. I made it through the last patch lowering alive barley but alive, I can be strong! This would mean I would be done with the program the Saturday before my birthday, considering I ruined Mr. Y in E’s birthday by lowering the patch on the same day I think I might see if they will let me stay on for a week longer as I don’t want the last birthday I will have in my 20s to be remembered for all the wrong reasons.

House Proud I am just not, the sooner I realize this the easier it will be on all those involved.See More of England. There seems to be one small hitch with this. It rains all the time, I guess a more accurate description would be that it is wet all the time calling it rain does not really describe it. I do have to admit that due to certain geography teacher in college who was raised in and has a profound love for Portland it could be said that I have an above average knowledge of Maritime Climates. There is a difference between learned knowledge and experience, it is shocking to experience. Guess it is time to buy a pair of Wellies and give into the frizz and go for it.

Blog Yeah I suck at this right now. While the pity party may be over I am still having a hard time crawling out from under the rock I have been enjoying. Room for improvement is the best I can say.

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