Friday, 12 December 2008

What are you doing this weekend?

Good news: I bought the last Christmas present today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am, I mean we (Mr Y in E and I) are done Christmas shopping.

Bad news: This is my shopping and to do list for the weekend-


½ cup shortening
2oz red food colouring
Baking soda
8oz cream cheese
Powdered sugar lots
Chocolate bark
1 ½ cup PB
12oz Chocolate chips

Hobby Craft

Ribbon for Calendars
Blue themed paper
Ribbon for Tag Banners
Supplies for Holiday cookie boxes

To Do Friday

Check pantry for ingredients
Look for cookie box idea on blogs
Organize thoughts for Christmas banners
Look through letter stickers for Christmas banners
Organize thoughts for Peace card and make template
Finish Pauline’s calendar
Organize thoughts on Secret Santa’s calendar
Write out Justin’s Christmas card
Finish last of UK Christmas Cards

To Do Saturday

Start Laundry
Trip to Post Office
Trip to Asda
Trip to Hobby Craft
Make these and these Holiday cookies
Make Holiday cookie boxes
Wrap niece’s birthday gift
Clean Kitchen
Start Secret Santa’s Calendar
Make Peace Card
Start Holiday banners
Organize stuff for making gift tags
Cut out pillow boxes to take home
Organize stuff for making wrapping paper

To Do Sunday

Finish Laundry
Put together Christmas cookie boxes and deliver to neighbours
Wrap Gifts for P’s family
Finish Holiday Banners
Finish Calendar for Secret Santa
Finish gift tags
Count chocolate items for taking home
Make money gift holder
Go to dinner at MIL
Tidy up crafting area
Iron enough shirts for work
Pass out
Remember that in the UK they use U in colour neighbour an honour so you can out smart the spell check

Good News: I leaned how to insert a hyperlink as a highlighted word. I have only been blogging for what six months now better late than never.

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