Thursday, 18 December 2008

The list is getting smaller, so is the amount of time I have to do it.

So after three night of crazy all out list doing my list has gotten quite a bit smaller. We like this. The only problem is I have added extra lists. What I am taking home and what I want to do while I am at home. There is something I want to do while I am at home that I always think of when I don't have my list handy and then when I do have my list handy I can't remember what it is. Needless to say this item will more than likely be forgotten because that is just how I roll.

Here in all it's glory is THE list.

Finish Pauline’s calendar
Wrap Philip,s Gifts
Wrap FIL gift
Wrap Pauline’s Gift
Finish Holiday Banners-if I have time.
Count chocolate items for taking home
Make money gift holder
Return Top to Dorothy Perkins
Caramel Shortbread from Thornton’s
Get Suitcase down from loft
Run Issy’s gift to her
Dinner at Deborah’s on Saturday
Write out thank you cards for gifts already received
Find or make the most fabulous card for my Husband!
Buy Grandma and Grandpa Anderson’s gift!
Laundry Laundry Laundry (if only we could all go around naked there would be a lot less laundry to do.)

To Pack

Green Jumper-wear on plane
Orange Jumper
Black Jumper
Blue Jumper
Cream Jumper
White Tuxedo Shirt w/ Brown jumper
New Look Jeans-wear on plane
Purple Bra
Beige Bra
Floral Dress
Sheer Tights
Brown Heels
Brown Fuzzy Boots-wear on plane

Sm hair gel
Make up-find foundation lid
Round hair brush

Pillow Boxes

USB cable for camera

List of things I want to do while in US

Go to Michael,s and Hobby Lobby
MS glitter
Marvy punches

Go to Chipotle Grill

Go to Coldstone creamery

Go to Sonic for Cranberry Lime aids daily

Have grandma help me with crochet pattern

Eat Fruit loops

Buy jars of Jiffy

Have Taco soup

Make Sesame chicken recipe for family

Make egg poppets for family

Have Pumpkin Pie Latte from Starbucks
I remembered the thing I can never seem to remember when I have my list with me
Go to the really cool bead shop by where my mom works!

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sideoats + scribbles said...

What a list! Have fun at M's and HL! And the Jiffy -- too funny, because whenever I'm outside the US I'm on the hunt for Nutella! (The US one is a different formula.)