Thursday, 4 December 2008

Weigh in Wednesday

So the scales have been unkind but it was expected. After a week of three trips to McDonald's, a mexican meal, 3 Margaritas, and uncountable number of gingerbread cookies I have put on a pound. This was to be expect and I had actually made peace with it before I went to my weigh in last night. Armed with a refrigerator of healthy food I have decided to do two weeks of the kick start program before I head off to the US at which point I will be taking a two week break from the program.

Current weight 12st 6.5lb or 174.5lb.

With any luck 2 weeks of the kickstart program will get rid of the 4.5lbs so I will be sitting at 170 when I go home for Christmas.

Total weight lost 21.5

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