Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Come have a pitty party with me

So the last few weeks have been a little disappointing. I don’t think I can really cut anything else food wise from my diet. I have cut all sweets with the exception of 1 WW snack bar a day which is only a point and a half and I have a serious sweet tooth so I really don’t think I can cut that out on a regular basis with out feeling like I am be deprived of what I love. I don’t eat ice cream, chocolate or baked goods at all. I have also switched to the low fat or no fat options for everything we use. The veggie mince was another attempt to cut calories and fat it has about half the points of lean mince beef. I don’t think I would even recognize a potato chip or French fry anymore as it has been so long since I have had one.

This basically means I need to up the exercise. I don’t like planned exercise to say the least; the gym has never been one of my favourite places. I am quite lucky that I walk over a mile each day between going and coming to the train station, so it is a little more exercise than the normal person jumping in there car only to sit down at their desk all day. I did really good over the summer and the fall when the weather was nice to get out and do some walking for walking’s sake but now that it is bitter cold that seems like it is going to fall by the weigh side.

So I am not really sure where to go from here, there is a kick start program offered by WW that you do for 2 weeks that is suppose to rev you up and get you in the right frame of mind I think I will try this. I think I also need to look at the possibility that with out some serious exercise (which I will have to really consider before committing to) or a seriously restrictive diet (which again I would have to give great thought too as I want to be able to enjoy eating, if steamed chicken and vegetable are my only choice to loose weight the cons may out weigh the pros) this may be where I am going to platue for a while. I don’t look at this as a defeat; I am still going to use all of the healthy eating habits I have learned I am still going to go to meeting so I know the weight is not creeping back on. I have lost 18lbs in 16 weeks this is a huge accomplishment. I think that I am just going to post loss or gains each week and maybe do the whole big chart once a month as it fits into my life better at this time. So I will be back to post a weigh in later this evening.

Oh yeah MK5000 this is week two that you have not posted you weigh in. I am watching.

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