Thursday, 6 November 2008

Perks of living in England

I have to admit something shameful. Thanksgiving is my least favourite holiday, I know this makes me a bad American but I just don’t like Turkey. I don’t dislike the idea of spending time with family being thankful for the good things that have happened over the year, or being thankful that the Pilgrims made it through that hard winter so that my ancestors could come over to America. It really is the turkey, I have only ever had one really amazing Thanksgiving turkey and it was deep fat fried. Nothing says Thanksgiving like a gas canister and a five gallon pot of frying oil that you lower your turkey into. Cranberry sauce from a can also wigs me out a little. One of the benefits of living in England is I have no social or moral responsibility to celebrate Thanksgiving. So this year I am going to write out my list of things I am thankful for a little early and be done with it. Roll on Christmas music!

  1. That I have successfully made it through one year of marriage. May all the next ones be better.
  2. I have some of the best family a girl could ever wish for. I also have some of the weirdest but maybe you have to have one to have the other.
  3. I have a husband who would do anything to make sure that we were provided for.
  4. Little $*&", man I love my kitty.
  5. A place to live that both my husband and I love.
  6. Barrack Obama is the 44th president of the USA
  7. Really great friends
  8. A job that pays a decent wage and is stress free

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Michael5000 said...

If it's shameful to have Thanksgiving as one's least favorite holiday, I have some follow-up questions:

What is the most honorable holiday to have as your least favorite?

And what are the most shameful and honorable holidays to have as your favorite? Are they just the same two, or is it more complicated than that?