Thursday, 6 November 2008

Weigh in Wednesday, better late than never

Start Weight: 13st 13lb (195lb)
1st Weigh in: 13st 091b (191lb) -4
2nd Weigh in: 13st 07lb (189lb) -2
3rd Weigh in: 13st 5.5lb (187.5lb) -1.5
4th Weigh in: 13st 2.5lb (184.5lb) -3
5th Weigh in: 13st 1lb (183.0lb) -1.5
6th Weigh in: 13st 0lb (182.0lb) -1
7th Weigh in: 13st 1lb (183.0lb) +1
8th Weigh in: 12st 13.5lb (181.5lb) -1.5
9th Weigh in: 12st 11.0lb(179.0lb) -2.5
10th Weigh in: 12st 09.5lb(177.5lb)-1.5
11th Weigh in: 12st 09.5lb(177.5lb)0
12th Weigh in: 12st 09.5lb(177.0lb)-0.5

Total Weight Loss 18lb

So apparently slow and steady wins the race, well I should be winning then because I am loosing it half a pound at a time. Yes I am a little discouraged, more with myself because I know I am not being strict enough, at least not as strict as I was at the beginning when I was seeing really great weight loss each week. Some of it was when I started it was the only important thing I had on my plate and emotionally I was pretty stable. Right now I have lots on my plate with work, class, friends who are going through a life changing emotional event, I just learned my brother is heading of to Afghanistan, and there are some big changes going on in my husbands life. So basically what it boils down to is I need to find peace with the fact that I have new better eating habits that are allowing me to loose the weight slowly. No need to freak out until I plateau or start gaining weight. I also need to realize that while being overweight is bad that the majority of my extended family is overweight, I am probably predisposed to be overweight, this is something I am going to have to fight everyday of my life. Sometimes not loosing the race is just as good as winning.

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Michael5000 said...

You're doing a hell of a lot better than I am....