Friday, 12 November 2010

Fitness Fridays

A very nice loss of loss of 2lbs this week. This was mostly due to keeping my points in track this week. Walking was bad, a number or extremely stormy days led to a couple of stay at home all day kind of days.

Weight Watchers has completely changed how point values are now assigned and while a lot of the changes are exciting i.e fruit is now for the most part a zero point food, I am also a little nervous. After Madame was born one of the huge draws about going back to WW was I already knew how to do it. I had been doing it on and off for over a year before Madame was conceived so as a sleep deprived new mother I didn't need to really learn anything new. I needed to brush up on portion sizes and what the point values of my favorite foods were but on a whole I knew what worked for me. I am hoping I can take this on board and that it can help me to continue to loose weight and keep me motivated to make it to my final goal weight.

Starting Weight September 8th: 186lbs
Weight November 12: 173lbs

Total Loss 13lbs


Weather was crap and I can't be bothered to reveil how bad some of the days were so maybe just an average to give you and idea. 2.5 was the average mileage for the week I knew it would be tough when the weather got bad and this week proved that. I have never bothered to calculate my activity points for the reason that I don't want to be tempted to use them as food points. I am loosing weight at a nice steady weight staying with in my normal points allowance so this week proves that while exercise is important that it is possible to loose even when you can't get as much activity in as you want.

Better Food Choices:

I am really excited that fruit is now a 0 point option. It makes it easier to fit it into the daily allowance of points and now make it more tempting than say a Weight Watchers Biscuit that would have the same point value on the old points system. I just need to work on making it a priority, I am going to start trying to add banana to my porridge each morning so that is one serving down!

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Jacqueline and Andy said...

Fruit is zero!? They are always changing their guidelines...used to be you could count unlimited fiber (and if you were sneaky you could find all kinds of bread for zero points!) but the last I checked you could include up to only 4 grams.

Interesting! I'll look forward to the new guidelines come Summer!

Great job on the weight loss front ;) 13 pounds is great!!