Sunday, 7 November 2010

Fitness Fridays (running a bit late)

Well as per par I usually follow a big loss week with no loss or only a small loss this weeks .5lb loss brings me to 11lbs loss so far. Looking at the big picture that is 11lbs in 2 months which is a nice slow steady weight loss, slow and steady is not only important in the long run for keeping it off but also as a breastfeeding mother. Making to much of a drastic cut in my calorie intake could affect my milk production and right now being mama cow for Madame is my most important roll.


Friday 8

Saturday 6

Sunday 2.5

Monday 5.6

Tuesday 2.5

Wednesday 5.6

Thursday 8.5

An overall average of 4.75 for the week which is just shy of the 5 mile average I am aiming for but on a whole I am happy. One of the 2.5 days was due to weather, and one was due to too many activities that required me to drive due to distance. With the nights drawing in I am not sure how walks are going to work as I will need to restructure my days a little as our big walk was usually late afternoon. I am also facing 6 weeks in the US without a pushchair and weather that will be too bitter to walk with Madame so while I will wear the pedometer and get my miles in where I can I am also looking at using my parent exercise bike and I am not sure really how to track that? Time? Distance? I am going to have to play around and find out what works for me.

Eating Healthier Options:

My fruit consumption on a whole was down this week. Not as bad as some weeks but not as good as last week. I did manage however to get both my apples cut up so I felt good about that.

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