Monday, 1 November 2010

Madame's Monday Update

Wearing Grandma America's favorite colour in honour of the fact that we will be in Kansas with her and Grandpa America three weeks form today.

Dear Jocelynne,

I can't believe how much you make me laugh. We laugh everyday, you start laughing, which makes me laugh and you laugh harder in response. Sometimes you start to get fussy when you can't do something you want and I laugh at you and then you start laughing.

You have started to become such a Daddy's girl, he walks in the room and your face lights up and you give him a big grin. Saturday as we walked the High Street on errands with Daddy no matter what side of Mommy he walked on you turned your head and watched him the whole time, when he would look at you, you would flash him your killer smile.

You have found you legs and you feet, it is so funny to watch you swing them up from your hips and almost over you head. You also love to grab things now and as soon as you have hold it is shoved right in you mouth.

I love every moment of the adventure!



Michael5000 said...

She's a cutie....

Yankee in England said...

I think so but people say I am bias.