Thursday, 23 September 2010

Weigh in Wednesdays

After a very busy week with lots of temptation that I gave into I was sure that when I went in to weigh in best case scenario I would stay the same. I was pleasantly surprised to loose another 3lbs. I think this was a result of the fact that I don't keep track of the activity points I earn and never use them as food points. I do a lot of walking usually close to 5 miles a day so I think this helped me to stay on track as well as eating really well when I was not giving in to temptation. Goals this week hit 5 miles of walking everyday it is not raining and other than Friday when I am going out with a friend stay with in my allotted points

Original Weight 8/09 186

Weigh in 22/09 180 Total weight loss -6lbs


Jacqueline and Andy said...

Wow, FIVE miles a day?! That's impressive momma!

Yankee in England said...

That is with all my to and fro walking as well not just a five mile walk. Though I do try to get a 2-3 mile walk in.