Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Eight Weeks

Dear Jocelynne,

This week has been a rough week. You have decided that you will only nap if you are in your pushchair on a walk or in the sling next to Mama. This does not really allow from the nap while their napping principle as I have yet to figure out how to nap while pushing your pushchair. Oh well I guess it is your way of helping me loose weight as we have really been pounding the pavement.

Four or Five nights a week you have been sleeping six hours, feeding, then sleeping another 2-3 hours. Mama appreciates this since your not really napping. You have inadvertently created the crazy hour in our house. It is the hour after you fall asleep and Mama runs around like a chicken with her head cut off doing things like cleaning, online banking, laundry, cooking, eating and other things you don't think Mama should do while your awake.

You have finally learned to take a bottle and it is a relief for Mama now I don't have to either A drag you around with me everywhere I go for the next at least 10 months of my life or B plan everything I need to do minus baby around your feeds and rush back hoping you have not died of starvation by the time I get back (and you act like you are dying if you have to wait more than 30 seconds from when you decide you should get fed)

You constantly remind me who is boss when I try to plan too much into our day or forget that I can no longer just grab my keys and run out the door anymore. You have an amazing way of wanting to be fed 2 mins before we need to walk out the door even when I only fed you 15 mins before (refer to the above mentioned acting like dying when not fed in 30 seconds) does not matter that I was pack the night before and all ready to go an hour in advance we still usually end up late.

I think you are trying to roll over already if that can be believed. When I put you on you back in the bed next to me when I am reading you arch you back and push way up onto your side with your feet trying to get closer to me. I would prefer you took your time with learning to roll over as I am constantly worried about you rolling off the bed or the changing table.

You weighed 10lbs 11oz at your last weigh in, you seem to be slowing down in you weight gain now that you have hit the 50th percentile which suites mama just fine as long as you maintain a healthy weight gain.

We love you so much Madame!


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Jacqueline and Andy said...

Oh my, she is super cute! This is the first time I've seen her so wide eyed. Gorge!!