Thursday, 19 August 2010

Does this make my bum look big?

The cloth diapers finally arrived in the right size and I got them through the wash 4-5 time to improve their absorbency. I can't believe how cute she is in them, I love patting her well cushioned bum! We are still using disposables at night while we get use to them also because I can hardly stumble to the changing table let alone make sure I have all the diaper in the cover so we don't have leakage. I think in time when we get more comfortable with the cloth diapers we will use them all the time.
In a side note I realized that since I take a majority of the pictures on the bed and I always have the same sheets on you must think I never change the sheets. In fact the sheets get changed every day to two days because Madame hangs out on the bed when I am in our room and does an excellent job at spitting up and blowing out diapers on the sheets. I happen to have two sheet sets that a are exactly the same, they came to me for free and I have had them for over 5 years so I don't care if she stains them. Maybe one day when she is older we can go back to all the fun sheets I have!

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