Monday, 16 August 2010

5 Weeks

Dear Jocelynne,

Seriously 5 weeks? Mummy got brave this week while Daddy was away for work on Monday she took a shower without taking the bouncy chair or the car seat into the bathroom. You had fallen a sleep in you sling so Mummy carefully put you in your cot turned the baby monitors on and ripped her clothes off and took the fastest shower she has ever taken. You slept through the whole thing and then for another 2 1/2 hours after that. Mummy was not sure what to do with herself you had never slept so long in the cot before. Mummy was so excited that she sat in bed awake most of the time.

You seem to have shed your nickname Sprog, Mummy is not surprised since we had not met you yet when we picked it. Your nicknames recently are Madame, Madame Mucky Pants, She Who Spits Up A Lot, and Little Miss Fussy Butt. Mummy also refers to you as J when she texts or is typing one handed.

You made your first trips by bus and train this week and Mummy prayed so hard you would sleep as she did not want to be THAT woman with the crying baby. You did good while we were actually on the train and bus but had a little melt down at the train station. Nothing like nursing in public during rush hour at a busy train station to give you nerves of steel when it come to nursing in public.

At your baby clinic weigh in today you were up to 9lbs 10oz, you are definitely working on storing up the baby fat for winter.

Love you so much,


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Jacqueline and Andy said...

I totally remember those first months, and hopping in the shower like a mad woman only to hear Roscoe's cries. Then I would hop out and poke my head out of the door and hear complete silence. I finally realized that his screams were embedded into my brain. So much for relaxing alone time!! Baby J is such a little cutie!!

Also, I finally posted responses to your various questions over the past few weeks!!