Monday, 2 August 2010

3 Weeks

Dear Jocelynne,

What a week it has been for you, on Wednesday you met most of Daddy's extended family when we went to the wake for you great grandma Lilly who passed away a week after you were born. You were passed around from cousins to aunts and uncles and slept the whole time. Thursday we went to pick up you Grandma Traci from Heathrow airport and you were such a champ for the journey. Grandma Traci calls you portababy and you are, as long as you are in your pushchair, your sling, or you car seat in a moving car you are a happy baby. Mummy is so happy she bought such a good stroller for taking you on walks it was definitely worth the investment. At your weigh in today you put on even more weight and are up to 8lbs 10oz. I look at you and you look so big I can't believe that there are lots of babies born around your weight. This week we have moved you into size two New Baby sized disposable diapers while we wait for your cloth diapers to arrive and for Mummy to prep them. Mummy is so excited to get you in the cloth diapers and be done with disposables.


P.S. Your little blue dress was a gift from Grandma Traci, Mummy freaked out when we found out that you were a girl that we would be stuck with pink for the first 18 years of you life and banned immediate family from buying pink. So Grandma Traci went to Carters in the US and found the only blue dress ever made probably. Gotta love grandmas!

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