Friday, 28 June 2013

Summer Bucket List

In an effort to enjoy and make the most of the summer this year Philip and I have sat down and made a Summer Bucket List.  It is not a to do list but rather a guide for things we would like to accomplish this summer.  It is so easy to to get to September and realize all those "we should do this over the summer have gone undone"  So the list will be typed up and laminated and stuck to the wall above the changing table (hey where else am I guaranteed to see it a good number times a day!).

The Moore Family Summer Bucket List

Make Homemade Rotel- I love Rotel and have about a million recipes pinned on Pinterest that use it but can't get it in the UK but I have found a  recipe and going to give it a go.

Try the White Horse Pub

Go Strawberry Picking

Take Big J to Bekonscot Model Village

Adventure Island

Colchester Zoo

Fun Fair Chalkwell Park

London Aquarium

The list is deliberately short as it had to take into consideration a small baby but I think it is a fun and do able list for us and I hope it means we can make some great memories this summer.

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