Thursday, 4 July 2013

My People

Tonight I wrapped 7 gifts and wrote out 7 birthday cards.  The end of May through the the first of August is busy on the birthday front for us.  These 10 weeks we celebrate the birthdays of the babies born in our NCT birth class.  This year we mark our children's third year and it amazes me that just over 3 1/2 years ago 8 woman who when we met had nothing in common other than due dates from the end of June the end of July have grown into good friends.  Since then we have celebrated the births of our first children, second children and soon to be third children in some cases, we have offered comfort after miscarriages. We have celebrated milestones, shared concerns, given support, laughed together, cried together, shared wine and food.

We have chosen very different ways to parent our children some have breast fed, some have bottle fed, some have chosen child led methods, some have introduced routines and schedules.  I would hope we have not judged each other for our choices as I can honestly say that while we have all made different choices on how to raise our children I know these women well and know that each decision has been based on what each mother has thought best for her child.

Some I see weekly some I see monthly and some just once or twice a year but conversation is always easy and while we had very little in common 3 1/2 years ago now we share the badge of motherhood and beautiful 3 year old children.

These are my people the ones I want to txt first when Joss does something amazing, the ones I ring when I hit a parenting brick wall.  I know that some of us will grow apart but I look forward to many more birthdays, to sleep overs, to wedding invitations in many years.

Happiest of 3rd birthday to 8 of the most amazing kids I have the joy of knowing!

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