Sunday, 9 June 2013

One Month Old

My Dearest Jasper,

The day we found out we were having a boy I was so excited, I love your sister and was so happy to have a little girl but the news that I would also have the joy of building a relationship with a son brought tears to my eyes.  All of a sudden the five  months of struggles with gallstones while being pregnant and all the hard decisions not to treat them in any way while I was pregnant seemed worth it.  I felt like you became real to me that day.  After the scan I went out and bought what would end up being the only non-gender neutral clothes for you we bought before you were born (part of this was due to a good friend with two boys who passed on SO much stuff and part of this was due to the fact I didn’t want to jinx it.  Um yup we are talking about the woman who asked you father twice to make sure you were a boy just after you were born). I bought a sweet dark blue sleeper I remember walking through the boys section of the shop and wondering what type of boy you would be, how would you like to dress yourself when you were old enough to choose?

That sleeper suit was the first thing you wore when you were born and what you came home in a few hours later. Tonight you are wearing it for what will most certainly be the last night, time is moving so fast and I know from the fact that somehow your sister is almost three years old I will blink and you too will be older than I know how it is possible.  Sleep well tonight my little man.

Your Mum

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