Monday, 28 February 2011

Madame's Monday Update

Madame attacks a blueberry pancake

Dear Jocelynne,

It has been another crazy week with teething, you have two more new teeth number 8 and 9. We also had two trips to the doctors this week one for a cough I was worried might be a chest infection (turns out your fine) another for really bad diaper rash which turned out to be a yeast infection. The rash was the hardest part as your cried and screamed ever time I tried to change your diaper, it made me feel like the meanest mother in the world.

The teething has made sleeping a little interesting, Tuesday night Daddy took you and Mama for a long drive to get you to sleep and after you had been asleep for over an hour we brought you home but you decided to wake up. Mama was so glad that Daddy took over and got you to sleep because she was so tired at that point she pretty much passed out on the bed and fell asleep herself.

Grandma Kay watched you for the first time on Saturday so Mama and Daddy could go out for a bit. It only lasted for about an hour till you woke up and decided that you were not going to be soothed by Grandma and Mama and Daddy came home luckily we had not gone far so we go back in ten minutes.

You have become so vocal and in addition to random shrieks and gobbledy gook you now make repetitive da-da-da sounds and every now and again ma-ma-ma sounds.

Fingers crossed now that those teeth have cut through Mama and Daddy can get a few nights of sleep.

I love you so much


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Jacqueline and Andy said...

mmmmm....blueberry pancakes :)

She is sooo pretty. I can't get over it.