Monday, 21 February 2011

Madame's Monday Update

Dear Jocelynne,

You never slow down these days, you just go go go. Whether you are rolling all over the living room trying to find something you shouldn’t to get into (amazingly you can do this is less than two seconds) or shovelling food in your mouth, or learning new skills it is non stop with you. You love everything that is loud or lights up or flashes or moves. Mama has a hard time thinking of new and fun things for you to do and tries her best to rotate your toys over a few days so things seem new and exciting. I have resorted to pulling out cooking ware just to keep you occupied.

Sometime I think you should have been a younger sister as you love to watch older kids play and love it more when they entertain you. You love to go to Lynda’s house and play with Issy who is four and Amelia who is two months older than you. You also love going to Grandma Kay’s house and playing with your cousins who are eight and five. This weekend we took you to Daddy’s best friend Tina’s house for the first time in a long while and her girls Holly four and Shauna almost 11 had a great time with you.

Not only do you stand now but you have in the last few day started to stomp your feet and today while at your friend Ivy’s house you started to take a step or two going forward while holding Mama’s hands I was so proud of you.

Our nursing relationship is changing as well you are learning to eat so well and have started to nurse less. It is bittersweet in some ways I am ready to start getting my body back as my own and in other ways it is hard knowing this is the beginning of a still long road to the end of nursing.

I love you


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