Monday, 6 December 2010

Madame's Monday Update American Edition

Uncle Grant getting you started early on family game night.

Dear Jocelynne,

We have not done an update for so long I feel like a bad mommy. We made it to the US just fine you did so good on the plane from London Heathrow we were able to get you a seat and you fell asleep in your car seat just as the plane engines roared to life for take off. No problem with take of or landing pressure changes thank goodness. You did have a small melt down when we got on the plane from Dallas to Wichita but once we started taking off you decided to feed and were out the rest of the way.

You had a great time getting passed around on Thanksgiving and meeting so much of your family. I was surprised at how easy you went to everybody but you just took it all in.

You have started to become more willful in the last week or so, you very much let me know when you don't want to do something whether it is a diaper change or going to bed or being put down while I do something. Part of it is funny to watch but I see a very strong willed little girl coming out!

I tried at a couple of meals to introduce to you food and Baby Led Weaning but you were more interested in the forks everyone else was using. I guess your not ready yet, we will give it another go in a few weeks.

You love your Grandma and Grandpa America so much, you especially have your Grandpa America wrapped round your finger. We went with them to church on Sunday and Grandpa took you from person to person telling them all that this was his grand daughter Jocelynne. He was so proud of you!

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