Thursday, 9 December 2010

Madame's Got a Brand New Ride

Now I love our gigantic three wheeler SUV of a pushchair we have in the UK, nearly all of he miles I post about walking in Fitness Fridays it has done with me. The problem was even with travel insurance if something happened to it while it was in the cargo hold of the plane the excess was half of what we paid for the pushchair. There was also a space issues with my MIL flying out with us; that was three large suitcases, three carry on items, two adults and a baby with a car seat. That kind of pushed my parents two Ford Focus' to the max space wise.

I was not too worried about going out and about shopping and such with the slings I have carried her for long periods in our ring sling and even thought I had only had a few chances to use the Mei Tai I was sure it would offer the same support. The problem I ran into was our walks. In Kansas a lot of the time it is cold enough that both Madame and Mama would need to be bundled up quite and bit and this is one of the areas that slings and wraps let you down in. It took me all of about two days without a walk to break down and find an inexpensive umbrella stroller online in the sales.

Madame loves the fact that walks are back on the table! The weather has been decent and actually in the picture she is probably over dressed for the 40ish degree weather we were out in.

The advantages to this stroller is I can check it at the gate on the return trip home so it does not go through being put in the cargo hold and while I certainly want to get it home in one piece I also paid less than $30 for it so if something were to happen to it I would be a lot less devastated than if something were to happen to my beloved Phil and Ted SUV of a pushchair. It will also come in handy for trips up to London on public transport. I have used the Phil and Ted on the buses as they have a dedicated area for prams and pushchairs but the thought of using the Tube with a large pushchair scared the crap out of me. I am looking forward to giving it a go when we get back to the UK and the weather improves!


AliD said...

Babywearing can be fantastic in cold weather - your body heat keeps your baby warm. Woven wraps are particularly good on walks - excellent weight distribution through your back and waist/hips. Your baby needn't be bundled into so many layers and, rather than being pushed away from you, facing into the wind and cold (as in a pushchair), she is able to bury her face and hands into your body to feel safe, secure and snug. An oversized fleece jacket (for example) with your own layers underneath is adequate to zip up over both of you to keep baby protected from the elements.

Yankee in England said...

I am looking into getting a Peekaru as I did not want to go the whole hog and get a babywearing coat. That way I could add layers for me like a coat undone if I wanted but Madame would be warm enough. I miss wearing her for short trips and when I am not walking for fitness.