Saturday, 13 March 2010

21 Weeks

Sorry about the crazy look on my face at the time Philip was making comments about the scratches from the cat on my arms making me look like a heroin junkie.

-How far along? 21 weeks!

-How big is baby? About the size of a papaya

-Weight gain/loss? I think I am up 9lb but have not been on a scale in a while.

-Maternity clothes? Still refuse to give up a few non maternity tops but pretty much all maternity now.

-Stretchies? None from pregnancy yet.

-Sleep? I tend to wake ever hour or two after midnight.

-Best moment this week? Philip being able to feel the Sprog kick.

-Movement? Sprog is a good little kicker, mainly when I am still but throws a punch or two in now and again even when I am moving around.

-Gender? I know, Philip knows, we will tell you all soon but not today.

-Labor signs? none.

-Belly button in or out? In but getting shallower by the week.

-What I miss? Sleep.

-What I am looking forward to? Starting to buy bits and pieces.

-Weekly wisdom? There is no shame in using your bump to insure you get a seat on the packed train when you have been standing for over two hours at the station due to massive delays.

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