Friday, 21 January 2011

Fitness Fridays

Man nothing like six weeks in another country and a six hour time change to kick your butt when you try to get back to normal. I have been going to my weekly weigh ins and meetings I just have not been able to find the time to sit down and blog about it.

The new ProPoints plan that I hinted at before I left for the US that I was worried was too fiddly has been becoming second nature slowly. In some ways it is more time consuming but I don't notice as much anymore and it seems to be working so I guess that is the important thing.

So before Fitness Fridays too a holiday break I was down to 170.5lbs, I managed over the holidays not only to maintain but some how (who knows how) even loose .5lb so that at my first weigh in when I got back to the UK I was 170lbs.

Now before I mention how much I have lost in the last two weeks I want to mention something that has played a huge part in it. Madame has always shown some signs that she might be dairy and soy intolerant. It is not a huge deal most kids out grow dairy and soy intolerance and I was dairy intolerant as a child so there is a family history. After accidentally giving her some oatmeal that had a soy emulsifier in it the week we got back she had a big problem and I decided to cut dairy and soy out of my diet to see if it would clear up so other issues she has been having. I bring this up in regards to weight loss because dairy and soy are in everything and especially in processed foods so it has pretty much meant that I have had to cut ALL crap out of my diet. I can still eat a healthy diet and my diet is probably healthier for cutting out the crap. I am getting plenty of lean protein, carbs, vegetables, and fruits just not a lot of chemicals I can't pronounce anyways.

So after almost two weeks with out dairy and soy I have lost 7.5lbs bringing me down to 162.5. I don't expect to be loosing around 3lbs a week every week I think it was just cutting out all the crap and now my body will start to balance out again and I think I will go back to a healthy weigh loss of up to 2lbs a week.

With this large chunk of weight loss I have also hit another milestone. I have lost more than 10% of my body weight. Weight Watchers breaks your weight loss down into small goals you start with 5% then 10% and then your goal weight which is between 20-25 BMI. I have to say that while every week I lost weight felt good but hitting 10% really feels good. I am starting to see it and feel like it is starting to show. While what other people see and say is not the most important thing it is nice to hear the compliments from friends and family about how good I am looking.

On a not as happy note between the really truly crappy weather and trying to get Madame back into the swing of things here in the UK there have been very few walks and none of the epic proportion I was doing before the holiday season. I have been a little rebellious and refused to put my pedometer on as I don't want to be disappointed with the totals each evening after being cooped up in the house all day due to monsoon like rain. The most excitement Madame and I get these days and going up and down the aisles at the supermarket. I am blah I miss my walks and I really don't want to find another way to exercise. There is no point in me trying formulate a plan until I am done moaning and complaining about the state of affairs so for the moment exercise has gone down the tube. Hoping for some nice weather or some inspiration in that department.

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